Cleaning Tips

Simple cleaning tip you can do tonight !

Clear all surface clutter first; throw away old magazines, junk mail, bills from several months ago. Collect everything that you have not used in six months, use a large trash bag and throw it all away. Gather up all the self help books, cookbooks and that "do it yourself book" that you have never read and donate them to your favorite charity.

Attack the laundry that you have, it's the one that looks like a volcano about to explode in your laundry basket. Clean and put every single piece back in it's place.

That horrible smell coming from the sink, that's your dirty dish's pilling up and forming a new bacteria stronger then the H1N1 virus. Break out all the eco friendly dish soap you bought at Whole Foods and get too disinfecting !

Clean your Boudoir (fancy word for bedroom) first ! This is the heart of your home, a place to relax, sleep and "get your freak on". This room is ground central, if this room is a mess the rest of the house does not function right.

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