Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Method To My Lemon Ginger Madness

I will be the first to admit it, I smell natural cleaning products first, based off the scent this determine what product I buy. Yes I know that Eco products are better for the environment but lets be honest, these products just smell better then regular cleaners. If one of the largest surfaces to clean in your home is the floor, then it goes without saying that (especially in my home) a pleasant scented floor cleaner is essential. The smart people at Method have a nifty floor cleaner, lemon ginger scent Squirt + Mop hard floor cleaner.

Stuff inside;
purified water, methoxyisopropanol a non-toxic solvent, alcohol produced from corn, ethoxylated lauryl alcohol cleaning agent, partial natural essential oil content, partially synthetic ingredients

The Verdict;
Love it, squeaky clean floors that smell like sweet lemon ginger tea. I don't know if you eliminate all germs for the five-second rule, but in my unscientific test, you sure do come close !  Two felines also reside in my house, I pay the bills and they get to live here rent free. So there is also a need to have products that do not leave a chemical residue on their furry paws, preventing them from becoming sick. Im please to say that my cat's like the scent too, they do not hide when I clean because of the smell, they wait to track paw print marks on the floor until later on, so sweet.

One last thing;
Also comes in ginger yuzu scent, "it's a little spicy-and-sweet from the ginger, and a little citrus-y from the yuzu. rumor has it there's even some lemongrass and coconut thrown in there for good measure."

Monday, June 27, 2011

Beauty No. 7

I hate dry skin, more then I hate dry skin is when my foundation looks like the skin of an alligator, dry lines and cracks all over my face. I may be exaggerating but I find the closer I move to 40 years old in age, I'm having a hard time with fine lines and dry skin. Foundation has become a little to thick and the deep pigment matte coverage is to much for my skin. Plus the fact that I like easy when it comes to makeup, the discovery of tinted moisturiser became a welcome answer to my problems.

Stalking the make up isle of Target, sunshine lit my way down the Boots isle. There among the beauty products that have been rated highly by Good Housekeeping Magazine, was the No. 7 Soft & Sheer Tinted Moisturiser

Active Ingredients;
Octinoxate 5 %
Titanium Dioside 1.9%
SPF 15

The Verdict;
Sheer color that hydrates for hours, one simple step to even out skin tone and moisturize, I love it ! Comes in three different shades, fair, medium (that is what i have) and dark. No heavy coverage but still sheer enough to have light coverage.

One last thing;
I also use Boots Mineral Perfection Power, to help set the moisturizer. Bonus gifts like mascara with select No7 Skin Care products at

Boots web site

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Le Toilet Cleaner That Smells So Good !

Would you think I'm crazy if I told you that I love my toilet bowl cleaner? Seventh Generation, the eco friendly company, that has been around for over twenty years, makes a toilet bowl cleaner that smells so good you will want to use it everyday.

The Background,
"Seventh Generation has been committed to providing safe, environmentally conscious household goods for over twenty years. Today they are one of the most trusted names in eco-friendly cleaning products. Formulated to be safe for your family and the environment, this product does not create harsh fumes and is non-toxic biodegradable. "

Natural Stuff Inside,
Natural lactic acids, coconut-derived surfactants, natural thickener (xanthan gum), whole and natural plant essences (a blend of emerald cypress, balsam fir, and lime essential oils), water.

The Verdict
Plant derived cleaning agents work very well removing stains easily from the bowl. Eliminates mineral deposits without the use of harsh chemicals. The bottle shape, makes it easy to use for under the rim, cleaner is thick and clear, good for holding on to the sides and not washing away quickly. The best part is the smell, Emerald Cypress & Fir, its like walking outdoors in the woods, reminds me of vacation in Big Sur.
The smell alone is the main reason to buy this product, I sometimes squirt a little in the bowl because the scent makes my small bathroom smell good. I wish the company would make this scent into an air freshener.

One last thing,
The web site also has weekly coupons to download.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Makeup Mondays, A Brow Above

Are you one of the lucky one's who was born with amazing eyebrows ? I hate you, really don't hate you just wish I had the same. So for the rest of us sexy minks who brow shape is more slump back mountain and not enough Kim Kardashian, you will need a great eyebrow pencil.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, the "must" see guru of the perfect eyebrow arch. Oprah swears by her waxing talent. Once Oprah give's anyone the thumbs up, we at Buddha are sold on her suggestion (lock stock and barrel ) so we tried the eyebrow pencil today.
The Subject:
Perfect Brow Pencil ,Dark Brown/Brunette. "Anastasia specially designed this pencil to apply and blend color into the brow to achieve a brow look so natural it looks like your own. With a velvety-smooth pencil on one end and a built in brow brush on the other, this product is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a fuller brow look".

The Verdict:
I like it, the dark brown color was a perfect match and according to the sales girl at Sephora today, the colors pretty much are a good match for every skin tone. Comes in 6 natural colors for blonds, redheads and brunettes. The color glides on smooth, good for making a smooth arch line without skip marks. The tip has small brow brush on the end, genius idea, helps to blend the line and makes for one less brush in your makeup bag. Life is good now, I have "Anastasia perfect eyebrows", watch out Oprah and Kim !

One last Thing:
Nordstroms stores have a "Anastasia Brow Studio" within the cosmetic section. Im going to try and have my eyebrows arched there sometime next week, will keep you updated.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eco and Vintage Cleaning Power Get Married, The True Story .

In search of vintage item's, go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and you will find row after row of overpriced, broken, in need of paint vintage stuff. So if vintage item's are in demand and environmental "green" cleaning products are also popular, why not have the best of both worlds. Bon Ami cleaning powder, the eco - friendly , little red striped can with the hatched baby chicken label that my grandmother used to clean the house.

A bit of history "Bon Ami was originally developed as a gentle alternative to the gritty quartz-based scouring powders on store shelves in the 1880s. An enterprising young man noticed that the tools used to separate the unused feldspar mineral from the harder quartz were as shiny as silver. Bon Ami was born taking that waste product — feldspar — and mixing it with soap to make a cleanser that polished away dirt and stains without scratching. These days we call that “zero waste.” Back then it was a thrifty way to make a better cleanser " .

Today I tried Bon Ami to clean my house. I first tried it on the kitchen sink, the first picture is of the dirty sink. First thing I noticed was no strong bleach smell, this is good . The powder limestone and feldspar work as scrubbing agents that dig deep and remove dirt. Since there are no harsh chemical you'll have to use a bit more elbow grease and work out those biceps muscles of yours. Think of the extra work as a small work out, the benefit of keeping the earth toxic free.

I found Bon Ami worked just as well as other cleaning powders, the only difference is Bon Ami cleaning powder has no bleach. The bleach is nice for stains but was not missed, I used another cleaning powder on one side of the sink to see a difference and there was not much of a change. The two grey marks on the side are shadows of the faucet, the sink came out sparkling clean.

The Verdict; Bon Ami wins Urban Buddha approval, a bit more scrubbing work but overall a good product that has no harsh chemical smell ( I hate a strong bleach smell) and safe to have around pets too. Bon Ami also comes in dish soap and liquid cleaners in tangerine thyme scent.

Bon Ami web site

Monday, June 13, 2011

urban buddha at 1602: Makeup Mondays, Mellow Yellow Saved the Day !

urban buddha at 1602: Makeup Mondays, Mellow Yellow Saved the Day !: "Welcome to the new Makeup Mondays, each Monday at Buddha we will review makeup that we love or just think are really cool and unique ! Mayb..."

Makeup Mondays, Mellow Yellow Saved the Day !

Welcome to the new Makeup Mondays, each Monday at Buddha we will review makeup that we love or just think are really cool and unique ! Maybelline New York, Cover Stick Concealer in Yellow, is the Bee's knees !! The good; yellow base to help cover up the nasty dark under eye circles, creamy and easy to blend and inexpensive. Now let me tell you, Buddha has always had a problem with dark circles and not just from when I think I'm a rock star and party until six in the morning. The bad; nothing, a great product that is rated number one by Allure Magazine, best drug store category and makeup artist alike. The fact that I spend five bucks at Target makes me happy and the best under eye yellow concealer I have ever bought. The concealer comes in two colors, yellow and green. Green is used to neutralized red spots and dark circles, perfect for my fair skin sexy kittens (boys or girls) who have problems with dark circles too.