Monday, June 13, 2011

Makeup Mondays, Mellow Yellow Saved the Day !

Welcome to the new Makeup Mondays, each Monday at Buddha we will review makeup that we love or just think are really cool and unique ! Maybelline New York, Cover Stick Concealer in Yellow, is the Bee's knees !! The good; yellow base to help cover up the nasty dark under eye circles, creamy and easy to blend and inexpensive. Now let me tell you, Buddha has always had a problem with dark circles and not just from when I think I'm a rock star and party until six in the morning. The bad; nothing, a great product that is rated number one by Allure Magazine, best drug store category and makeup artist alike. The fact that I spend five bucks at Target makes me happy and the best under eye yellow concealer I have ever bought. The concealer comes in two colors, yellow and green. Green is used to neutralized red spots and dark circles, perfect for my fair skin sexy kittens (boys or girls) who have problems with dark circles too.

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