Monday, June 20, 2011

Makeup Mondays, A Brow Above

Are you one of the lucky one's who was born with amazing eyebrows ? I hate you, really don't hate you just wish I had the same. So for the rest of us sexy minks who brow shape is more slump back mountain and not enough Kim Kardashian, you will need a great eyebrow pencil.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, the "must" see guru of the perfect eyebrow arch. Oprah swears by her waxing talent. Once Oprah give's anyone the thumbs up, we at Buddha are sold on her suggestion (lock stock and barrel ) so we tried the eyebrow pencil today.
The Subject:
Perfect Brow Pencil ,Dark Brown/Brunette. "Anastasia specially designed this pencil to apply and blend color into the brow to achieve a brow look so natural it looks like your own. With a velvety-smooth pencil on one end and a built in brow brush on the other, this product is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a fuller brow look".

The Verdict:
I like it, the dark brown color was a perfect match and according to the sales girl at Sephora today, the colors pretty much are a good match for every skin tone. Comes in 6 natural colors for blonds, redheads and brunettes. The color glides on smooth, good for making a smooth arch line without skip marks. The tip has small brow brush on the end, genius idea, helps to blend the line and makes for one less brush in your makeup bag. Life is good now, I have "Anastasia perfect eyebrows", watch out Oprah and Kim !

One last Thing:
Nordstroms stores have a "Anastasia Brow Studio" within the cosmetic section. Im going to try and have my eyebrows arched there sometime next week, will keep you updated.

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