Monday, February 28, 2011

Monarchy Mondays, The must have invite of 2011

The Royal guest list has been drawn up and sent out. 1,900 people are invited to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29th April, 2011, but Sarah, Duchess of York and the Prince’s aunt by marriage, are not one of them!
Although no specific names of invited guests have been released, the invitations are beginning to arrive now. Over half of the guests are said to be family and friends of William and Catherine, with the rest of the guests being made up of international state leaders, politicians and dignitaries also a few celebrity guests, David and Victoria Beckham. Of the almost two thousand guests invited to the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey, about 650 of them will be asked to a special wedding reception buffet to be held afterwards at Buckingham Palace. There will also be an evening party that more people will attend, including a dinner and dancing for three hundred close friends of the couple, so invited guests will be interested to read on their invitation to which parts of the day they have been invited.For the rest of Britain and countries all over the world who were not invited, we will have to satisfy ourselves with watching the Royal Wedding on television. The day of the Royal Wedding, Friday 29th April, 2011, has been designated a Bank Holiday in the UK, here in the states, just another Friday day for us Yankees. I will be celebrating with my friend at her house, the wedding will start around 4 am pacific standard time so the bars will not be open at that time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Game Plan Moisturize, Knob and Paint .

Walking through the pain when you have lost a loved one, start with a game plan. My first plan of action; paint the kitchen, the dark orange paint is just ugly, need to go with a soft orange color. Today I stopped by OHS hardware and picked up paint samples swatches. Second plan; change the hardware on my yellow dresser in my bed room, picked up eight light purple flower knobs from Cost Plus World Market. Third plan; find a new tinted moisturizer, my skin has been very dry, you can see ever line on my face, not good. A walk down the cosmetics isle at target I checked out the Boots No 7 line, tested the "soft & sheer" tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 in medium. I think I'm going to love the new tint moisturizer, have had it on now for a few hours and my face stilll feels soft, the product claims to hydrates for twelve hours and smooth the appearance of fine lines ( I hope it works). So the game plan moisturize, knob and paint, Rebecca would be proud.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monarchy Monday, The Engagement Ring That Keeps on Giving

Vanessa will you marry me (George Clooney asking me to marry him again) he then presents a beautiful 18-carat blue sapphire ring, the ring now sits perfect on my finger, this time I say yes. And this is the reoccurring day dream I like to have. Prince William has proposed to his long time girlfriend Catherine Middleton (commonly known as Kate). Kate Middleton's engagement ring is now a iconic ring, 18-crate blue sapphire set in a platinum, 14 diamonds sitting pretty on a 18-crate white gold band. Most of you will remember this is the engagement right with which Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana Spencer in February of 1981. Diana keep the ring on her finger until after her separation with Prince Charles and later divorced. Prince William has had the ring in his possession since his mothers untimely death. Giving Diana's engagement ring to Kate Middleton, Prince William has said "this is a way to include my mother in our wedding" this ring is very special to him and Kate now. We at Urban Buddha at 1602 (the we part is just me and two cats) love that William gave this ring to Kate, we also would someday like a blue sapphire ring too. So today will be in search of a knock off, less then £ 20.00, about $ 30.00 bucks U.S blue sapphire ring for the rest of us without a prince as a boy friend.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I was thinking how I was going to start this blog. Every time I start to type I end up crying, so I just put the blog to the side for three weeks. My cousin Rebecca passed away at the end of January, she was my best friend, therapist and partner in crime. Even now I still have a hard time finding the words to tell you how much I loved her and miss her. My heart is broken and for the pass few weeks I have been trying to heal. Five months ago, I started to arrange my life, improve and better myself, I felt strong, on the road to a new life. My house was organized and remodeled, Rebecca was to sick to see the changes I had made, now my time with her is gone. Thank you Rebecca for the many years you listen to my dreams, heartbreak and self pity rants. I wish I could of been stronger for you, listen more, saved you from heartbreak. I have not left that road of improvement, I lost the strength to stand alone without you but I will learn to stand alone and run again. Someday (not soon) I will see you once more