Sunday, February 20, 2011


I was thinking how I was going to start this blog. Every time I start to type I end up crying, so I just put the blog to the side for three weeks. My cousin Rebecca passed away at the end of January, she was my best friend, therapist and partner in crime. Even now I still have a hard time finding the words to tell you how much I loved her and miss her. My heart is broken and for the pass few weeks I have been trying to heal. Five months ago, I started to arrange my life, improve and better myself, I felt strong, on the road to a new life. My house was organized and remodeled, Rebecca was to sick to see the changes I had made, now my time with her is gone. Thank you Rebecca for the many years you listen to my dreams, heartbreak and self pity rants. I wish I could of been stronger for you, listen more, saved you from heartbreak. I have not left that road of improvement, I lost the strength to stand alone without you but I will learn to stand alone and run again. Someday (not soon) I will see you once more

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