Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Method To My Lemon Ginger Madness

I will be the first to admit it, I smell natural cleaning products first, based off the scent this determine what product I buy. Yes I know that Eco products are better for the environment but lets be honest, these products just smell better then regular cleaners. If one of the largest surfaces to clean in your home is the floor, then it goes without saying that (especially in my home) a pleasant scented floor cleaner is essential. The smart people at Method have a nifty floor cleaner, lemon ginger scent Squirt + Mop hard floor cleaner.

Stuff inside;
purified water, methoxyisopropanol a non-toxic solvent, alcohol produced from corn, ethoxylated lauryl alcohol cleaning agent, partial natural essential oil content, partially synthetic ingredients

The Verdict;
Love it, squeaky clean floors that smell like sweet lemon ginger tea. I don't know if you eliminate all germs for the five-second rule, but in my unscientific test, you sure do come close !  Two felines also reside in my house, I pay the bills and they get to live here rent free. So there is also a need to have products that do not leave a chemical residue on their furry paws, preventing them from becoming sick. Im please to say that my cat's like the scent too, they do not hide when I clean because of the smell, they wait to track paw print marks on the floor until later on, so sweet.

One last thing;
Also comes in ginger yuzu scent, "it's a little spicy-and-sweet from the ginger, and a little citrus-y from the yuzu. rumor has it there's even some lemongrass and coconut thrown in there for good measure."

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  1. Wow, great review! I love the smells of lemon and ginger. Will this product work on linoleum kitchen floor or is this for hard wood only?