Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vacation and The Chipped Tooth, Chicago Style !!

Sorry my friends that this week there was no monarchy monday. I was on vacation last week  in Chicago, had a wonderful time. During my trip I broke my tooth, second day in Chicago and what happens, my tooth cracks  !!  Must have been the cracked pepper, lodged itself in the small crack on my tooth and when I bit down, CRACK  the tooth chipped off, about the size of a piece of rice. Well, I returned from vacation late monday night, worked tuesday and wednesday I went to the Dentist office. The Dentist worked on my tooth, now I have a temporary crown, I think the dentist visit hurt more then when the tooth broke. My mouth hurts and pain killers keep the pain away but make me sleepy so  I have not had a chance to blog. Fear not, Monarchy Monday will return next week, we only have three more left before the big wedding day !

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