Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tomato & Vine

Dish soap should not excited me this much but this dish soap came to my attention today and I cannot keep the cap close on my new Method dish soap "Tomato Vine". The scent, tomato vine should already have you jumping up and wanting to rush to target, nothing makes me want to do dish's or act like I do then a great new scent. Now you may have forgotten what the smell of a tomato vine smells like, being it's not tomato growing season but somehow those smart people at method found away to bottle up that smell into dish soap. 

Last year Method partnered up with the talented "queen of bold prints" Orla Kiely for a limited edition line of hand soap, dish soap and all-purpose cleaner's. The line has come back again for a spring collection, features four new fragrances: tomato vine, white nectarine, honeysuckle and cloudburst.

Happy dish washing !! 

method orla-kiely-take-two

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  1. I am afraid that you have officially fallen off your rocker. Tomato soap? I think it's time to pack it in, baby!! I still love ya, tho ♥