Monday, March 14, 2011

Monarchy Monday, Lady in Waiting

Kate Middleton,the British princess-to-be must choose a lady-in-waiting. News of this development caused a frenzy with fans and royal watchers to hit the Web. The question Urban Buddha ( and my minions) wanted to know "what is a lady in waiting"? defines the term as a woman attending on a princess or queen, this position is basically a personal assistant to the princess. For those of us who are caught up on episodes of "The Tudors" know that most ladies in waiting usually became mistress to the king (oh how we miss the naked bedroom scenes ). This role is traditionally taken up by a person close to the royals, such as a family member or friend. The duties of a lady-in-waiting include handling the mail and traveling with the royal party on official visits. While the job is probably ideal for the sister of the bride (who will also serve as maid of honor at the wedding), there could be a hitch. Kate may go for someone more schooled in Royal etiquette at first, before asking her sister,Pippa, who may have little knowledge of royal "household" rules .

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