Monday, March 21, 2011

Monarchy Mondays, Toilet Changed Royal Protocol !

Score one under "change of Royal protocol" for the commander, Kate, who will marry prince William this April ! To avoid an embarrassing future of unflattering "Royal toilet humor" their official monogram will read CW not WC. “WC” is the abbreviation recognized throughout the world as the water closet, or better known as a toilet. This oversight could have been the makings of years of unlimited jokes, the newly married couples Royal monogram could have been mistaken for the toilet. Here is where the problem lies with following Royal protocol, putting the initial of the more senior partner (William) would have meant that "W" would lead first, hence "WC" for water closet . So for the first time in British history, a spouse will have her initial placed before a Royal on the Monogram. The monogram will now read "CW" complete with Prince William's crest, the changes have already been made and inscribed on Royal Wedding memorabilia and souvenirs. So all is better, "Keep calm and carry on" a potential lifetime of very "bad taste" funny jokes will never happen now. Now that this issue is solved, the shit did not hit the fan, no pun intended, what fabulous and very expensive wedding dress will Kate ware for the wedding

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