Monday, June 27, 2011

Beauty No. 7

I hate dry skin, more then I hate dry skin is when my foundation looks like the skin of an alligator, dry lines and cracks all over my face. I may be exaggerating but I find the closer I move to 40 years old in age, I'm having a hard time with fine lines and dry skin. Foundation has become a little to thick and the deep pigment matte coverage is to much for my skin. Plus the fact that I like easy when it comes to makeup, the discovery of tinted moisturiser became a welcome answer to my problems.

Stalking the make up isle of Target, sunshine lit my way down the Boots isle. There among the beauty products that have been rated highly by Good Housekeeping Magazine, was the No. 7 Soft & Sheer Tinted Moisturiser

Active Ingredients;
Octinoxate 5 %
Titanium Dioside 1.9%
SPF 15

The Verdict;
Sheer color that hydrates for hours, one simple step to even out skin tone and moisturize, I love it ! Comes in three different shades, fair, medium (that is what i have) and dark. No heavy coverage but still sheer enough to have light coverage.

One last thing;
I also use Boots Mineral Perfection Power, to help set the moisturizer. Bonus gifts like mascara with select No7 Skin Care products at

Boots web site


  1. Damn girl, you seriously do NOT look anywhere near 40!

  2. My word to post a comment was tranny! It's always funny when it's a word ppl use!